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August 10, 2011

iSanitize… or “ew, technology.”

Apple’s landing has spoon fed us a new means of being plugged in. Touch. We have our audio, our video, our connection to our friends, our family, our business associates, all the different types.

It is also kind of gross. Staying in touch now includes so much, well, touching. Hands all over everything with touch screens within arms reach everywhere. Businesses, to malls, to grocery stores, to airport bathrooms. Ew. The element of touch to the mix not only has the Felix Unger’s of the world a little freaked out, but I think it has really boosted sanitizer sales planet wide. I have a crystal clear memory of one of my first iPad encounters. A client meeting was planned and the little glowing beast was the star. On it proofs were presented and passed around, touched, handled, fondled, retouched and touched again. At meetings end, it was a fingerprinted, smudgy, dirty mess only a crime lab would love. I certainly didn’t want to touch it. At all.

Moral of this little technology unleashing is this… I think we are all on the right path. I think that ultimately all this will jibe even smoother, more elements will be developed, added and easier to use. I am delighted at what the future holds. I just think, no, I know, I just know that for the time being at least, I should buy some stock in Purell, cause, well, ew.

*this of course excludes the flying cars we were promised.