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October 11, 2011

Rock Out With Your .doc Out

ChartBeat Analysis for The Rumpus Room

We use ChartBeat on a daily basis, and today our ChartBeat control panel was pretty fun to watch. We launched a website today for The Rumpus Room, a restaurant owned by our client. The Bartolotta Restaurant Group (based in Milwaukee, WI), and watched the traffic grow all day using this handy, nerdy tool. ChartBeat is used for monitoring realtime user stats on a daily basis by sites like BoingBoing, Threadless, Starbucks, Groupon, The Onion… and every single hosting client of fathead design.

Check it out for yourself – just click this link and you’ll get a look at the realtime stats for this site, which you just contributed to by reading this post. 🙂