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Fette Sau Philly Website

Well, we could tell you that we were approached by our client to do a website for this amazing restaurant called Fette Sau. We could say that we made it beautiful, responsive, with a nice CMS and completely user friendly. We could say all these things, or we could just post the email sent to us by a Fette Sau guest.

Actual email below:

Subject: [ fathead design, inc. ] New Message: Wow – great job
Date: May 29, 2013 10:30:06 AM CDT

So I went to Fette Sau in Philadelphia last night and had a really fantastic dinner – so great I had to share the experience with my office mate. I did a search for the restaurant to find the site and let me tell you: both of us were blown away by the work you all did.

Not only was the site pretty, but it was actually functional! Like we could find contact information, menus, phone numbers, hours, and locations without having to guess or download a PDF! And the phone numbers weren\’t in an image so we could click on them and our devices would dial them – GENIUS!

I know this is probably a little weird. Sorry about that. But seriously, great job and I hope that you all do a lot more business and propagate your design work throughout the known web until the entire internet is a flourishing landscape of useful pages.

Bryan and Adam

We still get a little choked up reading it.