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You know that thing where you and your three extremely talented friends decide to open a restaurant to honor exponentially all that fabulous, multi-cultural yet comforting Asian street food that you all grew up with? Yeah that.

Four Belly is a warm hug from an Asian grandma dressed as 70’s glam rock David Bowie. It is colorful, it is busy, it is inviting, it is exotic and it has all of the flavors you never knew you missed. It is the satisfying steaming ramen. The tender octopus. The skewers of pork, mushrooms, scallops and bursting tomatoes. It is even the crispy frog legs and seasoned silk worms. Well, maybe the silk worms.

Trapping all this and conveying it for the whole web world to see was no easy task. But we did it. And it is responsive. And pretty. And easy for the user to maneuver. And fun. Like your grandma, Major Tom Yum.