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Hai Street Kitchen Website

Approached with the opportunity to create a website for a new, fast-casual Japanese specialty spot, we thought, we are in, can’t wait to try it! Where is it? …London. Well, looks like we have an excuse to travel across the pond (ha! we wish).

Hai Street Kitchen takes fresh flavours* and ingredients, rolled your way in basically a Japanese burrito and presents the whole package in a bright and lively atmosphere to those on the go. This is the first of four (second coming soon to the states, so watch out PA) so we wanted to create a site that captured the spirit, but remained adaptable.

Keeping the upcoming stateside locations in mind was key. Back end programming meant minding our p’s and q’s, rather o’s and ou’s. Even though we speak the same language as our new London friends, the spelling varies, (think flavor vs. flavour). Whilst programming the UK site, we also had to prepare to lose a vowel here and there. Naturally with all this going on, we made sure to make it beautiful, clean, responsive and easy to use, wherever you are.

*see what I did there?