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Trike Thai Noodle + Sushi Website

Another spectacular hit from the Nori Chicago family of restaurants, Trike has wheeled in to the Logan Square neighborhood.

Opened with strong memories of cruising around the hallways of the family home on three wheels, only to stop for a slurp of mama’s homemade beef noodle soup, Trike delivers on the comfort food of Thailand. Bangkok Beef Noodle Soup, the signature dish, consists of over fifteen imported Thai herbs and spices… simmered all day long. That’s some dedication right there.

We at fathead tackled this project with the same dedication. Convey a hot spot steeped in tradition with modern sensibility. Oh, and make it easy to navigate, responsive, and pretty. Plus, Trike is Google’s new girlfriend, with pretty much everything on the site (except for the images) being handcrafted in beautiful HTML5 and CSS3 code. This makes it a cinch for Google and other suitor search engines to find the Trike site. Now for some soup.