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Animated .gif’s are cool again?

Yes. Yes they are. In emails, particularly!

Sometimes, in our rush to out nerd each other, designers and web devs try and over-complicate the simple things. For example: animation. Sure, there’s nothing cooler looking than a really slick animation, and … Read More

Let’s make a seamlessly repeating pattern!

There are a lot of reasons you might want to make a seamlessly repeatable pattern for a client. I’m usually making them for a website background, but occasionally we make them for other things, like sandwich wraps, to flood the … Read More

Adding Manageable SEO Content to Perch CMS

SEO in today’s world of marketing is essential for any website to succeed. To achieve this success, people are investing in software from sites like as they are reliable and quite effective. It’s no secret that I’m a huge … Read More

Sprites: Physical Depth of Images as Relating to Responsive Design

On a recent responsive design we were working on, we ran into a bit of an issue regarding our sprites and mobile devices. We noticed that when the sprite sheets got to a certain pixel height, they stopped showing up. … Read More

Thoughts on spec work…

It’s my birthday today. A special occasion, sure – only happens once a year. So look at me, I’m all kinds of special right now.

I think for my birthday dinner tonight, I’m going to go to Hub 51 for … Read More

Importing large .sql files into phpMyAdmin under MAMP

Ugh. I hate it when I’m trying to make modifications to an existing site and I can’t get the database to import because it’s too large. You end up with a lovely warning message like this:

This happens to … Read More

Settings to Adjust on your iPhone for Deleting Mail

If you are having issues deleting messages off your iphone, it might be an issue with the way the network sees the Trash folder on your phone. It’s not common, but it happens. ¬†They say it is not a problem, … Read More

Installing OS 10.6.8 on a Mac Mini built for 10.7 – yes, it’s possible.

Man, do I hate OSX v10.7, aka “Lion.” Like, I really, *really* hate it. In a production environment, you don’t need a version of your everyday OS acting all hinkie… but that’s what Lion has been doing since I was … Read More

Rock Out With Your .doc Out

We use ChartBeat on a daily basis, and today our ChartBeat control panel was pretty fun to watch. We launched a website today for The Rumpus Room, a restaurant owned by our client. The Bartolotta Restaurant Group (based in … Read More

iSanitize… or “ew, technology.”

I have to say I am not only impressed but awed at Apple’s running away with the technology ball and spiking it in the endzone over the last decade. I can watch old movies with a futuristic slant. Even now, … Read More