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Free or Inexpensive iPad Apps for iPad Newbies

I know, I know… another blog post about iPads and what “must have apps” you should be using on yours. Everyone has written one of these lists, and (just like opinions and, ahem, other things) everyone’s got ‘em and everyone … Read More

15 Jun '11

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Here be Dragons: Modern Mapmaking

Most of the time, when you go to a website’s Location or Contact page, they’ll have a map next to the address. These days the trend seems to be to have a cropped Google map of their location, with a … Read More

No Signal in the Bunker…

But it didn’t stop us from breaking up with our phone system.

Several years back, when we had more full time employees and were in a different office space we realized that we needed a phone system. A professional, multi-unit, … Read More

24 May '11


Tips & Tricks: Text Wrap in Photoshop CS5

A few weeks ago, I was working on some new site designs for the Bartolotta Restaurants, and I ran into a problem. The client thought that certain pages were too text-heavy. Which, to be fair, they were:

(You can … Read More

Build Your Own Mac Dev Server for Under $100

When working on web projects it’s always best to build your projects in a live server environment, but not on a live server or domain. For a small studio, keeping two servers running for projects (one server live, one for … Read More

When David Tweets Goliath

Over the last week, I’ve been doing my usual amount of “tweeting” during work hours and after – ranging from bouncing design ideas off of others, discussing my favorite hockey team, or just conversing with any number of people I’ve … Read More

Finding Balance Between Design and Functionality

Whether you’re brand new to fathead or you’ve been with us for a while (as many of our clients have), you’ll hear us say the same thing, over and over: “good design is the foundation on which functionality is built.” … Read More